Pediatric Radiology

About Pediatric Radiology

Pediatric radiology evaluates the entire body, reflecting on how it and its metabolism work and how it changes with age and physical development. The range of pediatric disorders varies greatly from disorders in adults; therefore, pediatric radiologists play a very important role because of their training in interpreting cross-sectional imaging studies, gastrointestinal procedures in infants and children, metabolic and developmental disorders, and trauma and abuse in children, all while providing special attention to the unique emotional needs of children and their families.

Children are more sensitive to radiation. Having a sub-specialty pediatric radiologist who specializes in how radiation affects children is crucial to providing them with the safest and best care.

For more information on bone density scans, call (423) 778-7234. Click on the locations page to see where this exam is available and how to schedule.

Safer Doses for Kids

The Children's Hospital at Erlanger offers the latest technology and practices to deliver the lowest radiation doses in the region. Combined with our fellowship-trained pediatric radiologists, there is no better place to bring your loved ones.

Services Available

Digital Radiology

State-Of-The-Art Ultrasound

Low-Dose 64-slice CT



Children's imaging facility uses Adaptive Statistical Iterative Reduction software, which lowers each dose of radiation by at least 45%. There is also a reduced need for anesthesia with their CT scanner because it captures 160 images per second.

For more information on the pediatric radiology department at Children's, visit or call (423) 778-6515

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